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welcome to
The Hermit Lab

Exhale. We made it here, together.


May I humbly present to you:

The Hermit Lab.

but first,


  • Classes are divided into sub-categories, each with their own page and a button to navigate you back here to the hermit home.

  • Class descriptions: you will note the duration and style per offering below. for more detailed information, please refer to each class' respective Youtube description.

  • Presented without music so that you can enjoy your own, if you choose, or help yourself to the private curated Spotify playlists I created for many of the classes.

  • I recommend using a computer if you wish to simultaneously view a class AND enjoy the playlist, as both the Youtube and Spotify apps can run at the same time and you can control each app's volume independently.​

  • Several videos were created back when this was all donation-based. This being so, you will see my Venmo handle at the end of various videos. Feel free to ignore it, but I will graciously accept any donation.

  • If you are on the Full Hermit Access monthly subscription, rest easy knowing you can cancel at anytime. I ask that you cancel yourself via your Memberspace account available in the menu at the bottom left of this and all pages on my website. Immediately upon cancelation, your login will no longer provide access. Easy peasy!

  • Tag me on instagram if you share your practice! @margarucia  /  #thehermitlab​


I appreciate you BEING HERE

and believing in not only me,

but in YOURSELF!!



Happy Hermit-ing!


Crushin' It

"Crushin' It" houses more energetic full-length classes - expect to encounter more dynamic sequences in the styles of power, rocket, and faster-paced vinyasa.

The Cozy Corner

On the flip side, turn the lights down and head on over to "the cozy corner" for when you just want to snuggle up, roll around​, and take it easy.

The 5'ers

8 styles of yoga: Power, Rocket, Ladder Vinyasa, Mandala Vinyasa, Inversions + Arm Balances, Steady Flow, Slow Flow, and Pre-Natal.

5 lengths of classes per style: 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 min.

Mini Labs

Mini labs are like compressed workshops. These are shorter in length while focusing on a specific theme, focus, or peak posture. 

The Power House

The Baptiste "Journey Into Power" practice is my home when it comes to a physical yoga practice. In The Power House, we dig into the JIP sequence from all facets, energies, lengths, & focuses.


"Quickle"= quick, little practice. Inside, you'll unlock 21 Quickles (under 12 minutes) to celebrate 2020 turning into 2021 (FINALLY!). They alternate from a physical focus to something more internal, be it a self-care activity, a journaling prompt, a brief meditation ... Happy new year, come on in!

The Alphabet Series

An ambitious project - The Alphabet Series! Join me for a yoga-themed journey through the 26 letters as we take a focused look into various postures, meditation, pranayama, and philosophy. The final practice donned "Alphabet Soup" incorporates ALL 26 letters into one sequence. 


A celebratory dance awaits you upon completion of the whole series - "All That Jazz" inside!

HAF Time

Welcome to the Hermit Audio Files!


Are you tired of looking at a screen? Would you rather pop on some headphones and simply be guided by a voice? With a range of styles, lengths, and levels, it just might be HAF time!

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