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welcome to:

haf time

The Seat in Your Heart.heic

The Seat in Your Heart

00:00 / 25:11

"the seat in your heart" offers up a visual guided meditation through the theme of loving kindness. we invite various people to occupy a seat in our heart while we practice sharing space and compassion for each. a special guest will make an appearance to take the final seat in your heart. lovely on its own, but if you'd like a backdrop of music to carry you through this journey, i offer up this magic by east forest.

i hope this practice leaves you feeling warm & fuzzy and with a full cup bubbling over as you blink your eyes open and return to the world around you.

YOUR favorite.heic

YOUR Favorite!

00:00 / 51:53

you found it - YOUR favorite class! i have been stewing on this idea in my recent teachings: the invitation to make everything in the practice your favorite. each posture, each transition, each choice you make... you love it! simple as that. dread nothing and enjoy everything. i figured - a video version wouldn't serve a single purpose here in this 52-ish minute vinyasa practice, as i encourage you at every moment to take everything that comes your way as YOU want it to be.

i encourage you to keep revisiting this practice, as it will probably never be the same thing twice.


in that same vein, the playlist is up to you; choose YOUR favorite tunes and enjoy!

Poetry in Rest.heic

Poetry in Rest

00:00 / 12:03

this 12-minute meditation / micro-nidra puts up a melange of english, spanish, italian, and french, strung-together musings and wishes of ultimate rest and ease. welcome to the inside of my mind.

if you crave a pillow of music, feel free to let this song serve as a backdrop underneath my words, allowing an extra 4 minutes of repose to and with yourself.

bon voyage...

i am still here.jpg

i am still here

00:00 / 14:10

today, 3/26/20201, the hermit lab turns ONE year old! please come sit with me in celebration, reflection, and mindfulness.

i am still here.

yo estoy siempre aquí.

io sono ancora qui.

je suis toujours ici.

Deep Space Rocket.JPG

Deep Space: Rocket

00:00 / 42:46

welcome to a HAF time experiment in minimalist instruction, "deep space: rocket." in this 42-minute class, the only words you'll hear from me are the names of the poses of an abbreviated rocket vinyasa sequence. i chose to call each pose in sanskrit as well as in english. the term "deep space" invites you to explore the full vastness of space of your breath, body, and mind without much instructional distraction. therefore, in this specific case, having prior yoga asana experience is highly recommended. i'll call the poses, and literally everything else is up to you!

might i also offer up a shuffle of this binaural beats playlist - and may you float far away into your own deep space experience.


The Samsara from Tadasana to Savasana

00:00 / 15:04

"the samsara from tadasana to savasana" is probably my most simple and most beautiful asana practice yet. i've been revisiting the lovely book called "the myths of the asanas: the stories at the heart of the yoga tradition" by alanna kaivalya and it planted a truly poetic visual in my mind which inspired this offering. touching on yoga mythology as well as hindu tradition, we simply practice tadasana to savasana while visualizing the cycle of samsara through the elements. not sure what that means? check it out!


feel free to just use this audio, or i'd like to offer up this playlist as a backdrop. the first song is by east forest from the album "music to be born to" and by the time we settle into savasana, we have a song from "music to die to". to conclude, i share a 2-minute song that will take you just past my audio, so i invite you to sit with yourself and your breath and enjoy "an ending, a beginning" by dustin o'hallaran as you ponder the epic cycle of samsara.

From Within.JPG

From Within

00:00 / 27:24

i am so pleased to bring you this special offering of inquiry and introspection. i invite you to give pause and consideration as to how you arrived  to your yoga practice, what keeps you here, and peel back the layers to go inward and shine a light on your heart. i trust and know that many of us love the physical practice, but have you ever been asked to express your back story and relationship to yoga? i offer up tons of prompts to tickle what is perhaps a dusty or untouched part of your brain to get you truly considering what makes your practice so special to you. cozy up, get a big steamy mug of your favorite warm drink, and listen in - feeling free to pause as much as necessary to sit with your meanderings and their expression.


Just Right 30

00:00 / 30:06

welcome to a 30-minute little ditty that's not too long, not too short, not too much work but also not the super chillest - it's just right. 30 minutes of simple just-right-ness. enjoy!

here's a little 35-min PLAYLIST - stick around for a 5-min savasana on your own while Beautiful Chorus lulls you toward rest.


¡Un Poco de Español!

00:00 / 13:10

bienvenidos a mi nueva aventura - juntar las dos cosas que amo más: el movimiento y los lenguajes. en este primero episodio, hacemos una secuencia muuuuy calmita. primero, lo grabé a voz y después con los auriculares colocados (escuchando mi propia voz, muy raro...) grabé por video la secuencia para asegurar que salgara todo bien unido.


así que, si solo te gustaría escucharlo, aquí lo tienes en versión audio.

si prefieres ver el movimiento junto con el audio, por favor refiere a ESTE vídeo.

¡muchas gracias por jugar conmigo!


Z is for: Zzzzz...

00:00 / 40:25

for zzzzzzz... i guide you through a 40-minute yoga nidra practice.

yoga nidra is the practice of conscious sleep or guided relaxation. we take our time to head toward that sweet spot of consciousness, the limbo between being awake and being asleep. we go through a full body scan and practice some relaxing and followable visualization. i help to ease you back into your awake state as you reintegrate back into your day at the practice's conclusion.


Front Yard

00:00 / 13:14

welcome to my front yard!

the day was nice, everything was feeling real easy -

nowhere to go, nothing to do,

but exactly here and exactly this.


join me laying down comfortably on your back whether it's

outside, inside,

on the grass, in your bed,



i simply share what my 5 senses are currently receiving.

nothing more, nothing less.

your eyes are open or closed,

absorbing your surroundings or

maybe imagining mine.


best experienced with headphones,

a sense of ease,

and possibly humor.

rajas black

R, S, T are for: Rajas, Sattva, & Tamas

00:00 / 21:12

more philosophy talk! let's learn about the 3 gunas, otherwise known as the 3 forces of nature that are perpetually present and forever fluctuating. we discuss the energies of rajas, tamas, and sattva and contemplate how they show up both in our physical asana practice and in our daily lives. this study culminates in a breakdown of gyan mudra, hopefully allowing for a more personal connection to the symbol itself as well as a gentle nudge to consider how "yoga" shows up off our mat.


please refer to THIS video for the mudra guide.


O is for: Om

00:00 / 40:49

welcome to a 40-min mini lecture on the sacred sound of "Om." i talk a little bit about what's going on anatomically as well as talk through several different ways to practice and visualize chanting your "Om." hopefully you will leave with a heightened personal connection to this sound; may it further resonate in your practice going forward.


Come Back to Your Self

00:00 / 16:57

use this 17-min seated sequence to re-center and drop back home. using minimal amount of gentle movement paired with some mindfulness and led pranayama work, may you continue on feeling a little bit more like yourself on the other side.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 15.19.57.png

Classic JIP 75

00:00 / 1:15:52

a full-length 75-min classic Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence.  i recommend that listeners be familiar with the JIP sequence prior to listening. intended to be practiced without music; allow your breath and body to be your guide in addition to my voice.


Japa Meditation

00:00 / 09:33

this is a look into the practice of japa meditation - the meditation of repetition. stemming off of the alphabet series (letter J), i introduce japa meditation and the main technique i focus on: a finger-counting method i learned from my teacher and friend, irene pappas.


please refer to THIS video for a brief demonstration.


below you will find 5 mantras spoken in sanskrit by yours truly with the words/phrase broken down as well as a hefty nod of encouragement for you to pursue further research on your own as i do NOT claim to be an expert on this subject. especially dig deeper if you feel particularly connected to any of them.


i have also curated THIS spotify playlist of these mantras for those who tend to connect more with music. opening with the enchanting "Faith's Hymn" by Beautiful Chorus to introduce you the the power and beauty of repetition, the remaining tracks are musical interpretations of each of the below mantras.

"om so hum"

OM: sacred sound of the universe

SO: that

HUM: i am

it is also said that breathing through the nose creates these vibrations; an inhale sounds like "so" / an exhale sounds like "hum"

a mantra for: feeling connected to the divine, the universe, and one another. to seek and offer love, support, and connection.

"om namo narayanaya"

OM: sacred sound of the universe

NAMO: i bow

NARA: human / all entities

NAYA: the resting place / direction / goal

"om namo narayanaya" can be considered a salutation to the Hindu god Vishnu, the keeper of balance in the universe. it can also connect the individual with the divine.

a mantra for: sending peace, health, and happiness into the world

"ra ma da sa / sa say so hum"

RA: sun; passionate energy

MA: moon; calming energy and receptivity

DA: earth; grounding energy, roots

SA: infinity

SA: repeating a second time to pull infinity into you

SAY: a personal name for God/the universe/the divine

SO: that

HUM: i am

a mantra for: manifesting healing energy for individuals or the entire world, considered one of the most powerful healing mantras on the planet. used often in kundalini yoga.

"om asatoma satgamaya
tamasoma jyotir gamaya
mrityorma amritam gamaya"

OM: sacred sound of the universe

ASATOMA SATGAMAYA: from ignorance, lead me to truth

TAMASOMA JYOTIR GAMAYA: from darkness, lead me to light

MRITYORMA AMRITAM GAMAYA: from death, lead me to immortality

a mantra for: bringing peace into the world, to be led toward light, truth, and wholeness

"lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu"

LOKAH: location, now, all things existing currently

SAMASTAH: all beings sharing that same location

SUKHINO: happiness, joy, freedom from suffering

BHAV: divine state, unified existence

ANTU: may it be so

popularly translated as:

may all beings everywhere be happy and free of suffering, and may all my thoughts, all my words, and all my actions contribute to that happiness and freedom for all.

part of the ashtanga closing chant.

a mantra for: blessing the entire world

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