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JUN 9 - AUG 25, 2024


THANK YOU for considering my newest offering: the TIP - a hybrid program where we can all be TOGETHER IN PRACTICE.

This intensive was intentionally created to be delivered as a blended model of both on-demand + live virtual content to support students learning at their own pace while staying together on a dynamic 12-week track.

I am bubbling with excitement to impart 24 total classes of differing yoga styles. Participants can expect to dive deeper into physicality, breath, meditation, restoration, philosophy, history, artistry, and their own precious mind-body connection - all from the comfort of their own home. While students are poised to receive a TON of information, bear in mind it is simply the TIP of the yoga iceberg.

Registered yoga teachers can log 60 hours of continuing education upon successful completion of this program.

Not a yoga teacher, but an avid practitioner? Maybe you've considered embarking on a 200-hr program, but are not quite ready to take the leap. If you are looking for a way to expand your yoga practice in a meaningful environment, this offering may be just be what you're looking for!


take it from my current students:


Adriana D

Coming fresh out of a 200-hr YTT I was ready to learn more about yoga but also so burnt out from the rigorous schedule I endured for 19 days straight. I knew going through the TIP with Marge would be exactly what I needed to ignite my fire again. Learning from Marge is an experience guided by her enthusiasm, deep knowledge, and infectious sense of fun and inspiration. Her teachings and interpretations spark a desire for more knowledge and encourages self-discovery, ensuring your practice is authentically tailored to you. Marge, a creative mastermind, has crafted a vibrant community of remarkable, supportive humans from the ground up. You won’t be disappointed.

Adrienne S

I was extremely excited to learn about the TIP program because Marge has been a true inspiration to me and my practice. Since I am newer to yoga, this program seemed like a great opportunity to dive into learning more about the practice/history without being overwhelmed. What I found was that I was surrounded by practitioners of all levels, knowledge, and skills. The format of TIP is very accessible and organized, giving me the ability to fully embrace the content. Marge has a truly special way of sending her energy and enthusiasm out to the world and into my practice. The TIP program has already taught me so much about this practice and myself. Being led by Marge in this program is truly a gift. Her supportive and positive nature allows our community to not only learn together but be authentic with our experiences. I cannot recommend the TIP program enough!
Humpback Whales

Sydney O

If you know me, you know that I jump at the opportunity to learn from and train with Marge. When I found out she was launching a virtual learning platform, I knew it would be special. The thought and attention Marge puts into any of her work is outstanding, and The TIP Program has been no different. It’s like getting to take personal classes from Marge twice a week, along with the teaching and explanation about each style in a very Marge-esque way. The twice-weekly zoom meetings serve to fill in any gaps and allow us as students to connect with each other and get a little more real-time Marge. There are no official “requirements,” and I see this journey as one where you get out as much as you put in. Of course Marge encourages us to complete all classes and reflections, honing our self-discipline and commitment to our own growth, but you really can do as much or as little as your schedule allows. Thanks, Marge, for the countless hours, deep thought and energy it took to create this program. All of your current and future students are lucky to have you and The TIP!

Why I made this:

I recently fulfilled a long-time professional dream of mine: I joined my alma mater (Virginia Commonwealth University) as an adjunct professor in the renowned modern dance + choreography undergraduate program. Through the School of the Arts, I designed a dynamic curriculum and led yoga as an elective course. My overarching goal was to throw all the proverbial spaghetti on the wall (as many yoga styles as I felt competent and qualified to lead) and see what stuck.

The support from my peers and fellow practitioners was overwhelming. Dozens of folks musing: "I wish I could take that class!" Which got me thinking...

...Seed planted and watered by my love for content creation, continuing education, and program-building - voila! The TIP emerged. Now, you too can take this course... embark with me on an epic journey where you can sample a smattering of yoga styles, connect to your practice in both a personal and academic fashion, and be supported by a virtual group of peers all working the same program beside you.

I hope to see you at the TIP - where we can all be


The Details


  • students of yoga

  • teachers of yoga

  • I'm only accepting 12 participants per program to keep it intimate!


  • a 60-hr hybrid online program

  • 12-week commitment

  • 24 classes to be practiced at home on-demand (2 unique practices rolled out per week)

  • provides .pdf documents with style introductions, resources, reflective worksheet, journal prompts, interactive discussion boards

  • 2x/week live group Zoom sessions to connect + discuss each style

  • lifetime access to content


  • at your own home

  • in our private TIP Google Classroom

  • the Zoom-osphere


  • June 9 - August 25, 2024

  • Live Zoom sessions on Sundays + Wednesdays from 12:00-1:00 pm EST

  • can't make those times? no worries... recordings will be shared with the full group!


  • to be exposed to multiple styles of yoga

  • to deepen your home practice

  • to expand your teachings

  • to connect artistically and academically to your practice via writing

  • to practice alongside others in an intensive setting

  • to share a communal experience with other trainees

  • to fortify your self-accountability

  • to foster a strong, independent work ethic

  • to bolster your time management skills


  • apply HERE

  • upon applying, I will reach out to you within 24 hrs

  • once accepted, submit your tuition via Venmo (@margarucia) or via Zelle (

  • fulfill your balance by April 30, 2024

  • unroll your mat!

  • our program will be hosted by Google Classrooms - all content will be shared in a private group where you can find all assignments, documents, videos, and resources, and interactive discussion boards


  • $300 non-refundable deposit holds your spot!

  • $699 (first 3 signs ups - ALL GONE!)

  • $899 full tuition (only 4 spots left!)

  • balance due by April 30, 2024

  • (you can always pay the full amount up front!)

  • please note that no refunds will be offered for any reason once tuition has been submitted

The Format

step into my classroom...

The Content

styles of study include:




Rocket 1

Journey Into Power

Power Down