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marge proposes:

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the objective:

tri = three

-fecta = perfect


my "trifecta" workshop promises a blend of powerful movement that draws from yoga asana, contemporary dance technique, and elements of acrobatic training. its intention is to enhance the strength, flexibility, focus, and artistry of the practitioner.


i am a lover of movement and languages. i consider myself a movement artist who, through a lifetime of accrued trainings, boasts a unique blend of physical vocabulary of dance, circus, and yoga asana that serves as my medium of artistic expression.

i have spent my life studying, practicing, and leading people in all 3 disciplines. i have traveled extensively and have always been drawn to the beauty of romance languages, specifically: spanish, italian, and french.

i hold specific certifications and degrees in these 3 various movement forms (dance, circus, yoga).

and so, here is my truth: IT IS TIME FOR AN EPIC MERGE.


i no longer desire to keep any of my body's vocabulary in their own specific box. i crave a blended offering of movement practices and languages to enhance the movement artist's physical excellence, corporal awareness, ability to focus, and above all: inspire maximum artistic expression.


main goal: to lead movement artists in meaningful sequences to challenge and cultivate:

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • endurance & resistance

  • injury prevention

  • extended focus

  • breath work

  • grace

  • artistry

  • theatrical elements such as emotional expression, group/partner relationships, monologues, transcoding a sequence to their chosen discipline

"trifecta" can be offered as a stand-alone workshop of 2-hrs, a 5-day intensive, or serve as regular complementary training.

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here is a prime example of me:


in summer 2020, i composed and performed a spanish rap utilizing breath cues, Sanskrit counts, and proper alignment for a 200-hr yoga teacher training program (the entirety of which i was responsible for translating from english to spanish). the idea was for yoga teachers-in-training to enjoy learning how to teach sun salutations.

shot/edited by: carlina muglia

more videos!

the covid-19 pandemic pushed me to develop my own online offering to support those in a home practice: "the hermit lab."

among the 200 offerings inside, i created a handful of advanced classes with challenging shapes, transitions, arm balances, inversions, and flexibility work. i also produced a simple class taught in spanish and i regale my FLIC handstand training complete with italian vocabulary. as the hermit lab is private and accessible on a paid-subscription base only, video examples are available upon request.

here you see a time-lapsed example of a trifecta sequence as well as a highlight reel from a recent trifecta workshop hosted by legacy dance institute of vienna, virginia.

here's the thing ... i've come to realize that this particular mash-up would simply not be suitable for the general public coming into a studio yoga class.

this style craves dancers and circus artists. hungry minds. wild wishes. determination and grit. a willingness to explore fanstastical boundaries and intersections. a smattering of eager bodies in peak physical condition.

some shapes i make:

have i piqued your interest?

please review my qualifications/experience below:



(2015-present: Yoga Alliance)

7 years teaching experience (5000+ hours):

public, private, workshops, lectures, trainings, retreats, virtual offerings

1,000+ hrs of training in:

- Baptiste Power

- Rocket Vinyasa

- Ashtanga Vinyasa

- Handstands & Contortion

- Yin

- Pre & Post Natal

- Meditation

- Trauma Informed

- Hands-on Assists


Professional Contemporary Circus Artist

(2013: FLIC Scuola di Circo; Torino, Italia)

specialty: hand balancing and dance acrobatics

dabbled in: swinging trapeze, lyra, partner acrobatics

Performed with:

El Circo de los Muchachos (Galicia, Spain)

Suitcase Circus (northern Spanish coast)

La Compagnie Ap'Nez (France)

marge dances (locally & internationally)

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 15.31.12.png

Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude

Dance Performance & Choreography

(2011: Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, Virginia)

Trained in: ballet, modern, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, contact improvisation, partnering

Created/Performed with:

marge dances (as a solo artist), Shelleysillerdance, fusiondance, IMPACT dance co, Mich-Mash Productions), rva dance collective 

Presented works in:

Washington DC, New York City, Richmond, VA, Guatemala, France

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are you ready?

me too.

+1 703 328 7222

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