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i am proud to be an official registered YACEP with Yoga Alliance - you can find my profile HERE!

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all my workshops account for continuing education contact hours for yoga teachers registered through Yoga Alliance. feel free to contact me for more information!

Sunday 10/9/2022

7:00 - 9:00 pm

@ Humble Haven Yoga


"Chakras by Cello-Light"

Join us for a special evening of movement, meditation, connection, and music at “Chakras by Cello-Light.” Implementing a thoughtful blend of movement, music, and light - Marge and her live cellist maestro, Mitchell, are on a mission to artistically embody the chakra system. The seven major chakras (energy centers) climb up the center of the body, each harboring its own symbolism, mantra, vibration, and color.


Marge will lead a guided vinyasa practice to highlight each chakra’s motif while incorporating mantra, mudra, and pranayama, forever accompanied by a live cellist and a color-changing atmosphere. Let’s come together to explore each theme through the patient use of asana, sound, and light.


Room will be unheated and space is limited.

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an epic proposal

my "trifecta" workshop promises a blend of powerful movement that draws from yoga asana, contemporary dance technique, and elements of acrobatic training. its intention is to enhance the strength, flexibility, focus, and artistry of the practitioner.

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