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marge your calendars...

i am proud to be an official registered YACEP with Yoga Alliance - you can find my profile HERE!

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all my workshops account for continuing education contact hours for yoga teachers registered through Yoga Alliance. feel free to contact me for more information!


Mother's Day Sunday

May 14 | 7:15-8:30 pm

Humble Haven Yoga

$70 duo pass / $40 solo pass

Acupuncture by Elizabeth Fuqua

Join us for an auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment with Elizabeth Fuqua paired with a live Yoga Nidra practice led by Marge Allen. This cozy Sunday evening event is intended to rebalance your mind + body, preparing you for the week ahead all while sharing the experience with the Mother figure in your life!


Please arrive 5-10 minutes early, wear comfortable clothing, and bring any props with you to support rest during the 60-minute session. Suggestion for props include: yoga mat, blanket(s), eye masks, and pillow(s).


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May's Final Friday

May 26 | 6:45 - 8:00 pm

Humble Haven Yoga

$$: drop-ins, class packs, memberships apply

Join Marge, Humble Haven's resident handstand aficionado, for an action-packed conditioning class to prepare you for ultimate upside down safety. Far too often, folks would rather skip the work required to achieve a successful handstand - but not if Marge has anything to do with it! She will break down exercises for strength and flexibility targeting wrists, shoulders, legs, and core, culminating in a timed circuit that will leave you feeling strong, empowered, and perhaps even inspired to continue training on your own. Please note, there will be ZERO handstands in this particular session, but rather all the important drills leading up to one. Master these, and the handstand will come so much easier!!


Bring your mat; room will be warm.




oh, when & where

will trifecta be next...?


do YOU wanna host me?

get in touch.

my "trifecta" workshop promises a blend of powerful movement that draws from yoga asana, contemporary dance technique, and elements of acrobatic training. its intention is to enhance the strength, flexibility, focus, and artistry of the practitioner.

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