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steven inge media

"Marge is truly my best friend in my head and here’s why: Marge is so passionate about life and unapologetic about all the ways she occupies space. Not only is her energy magnetic, she is by far one of my favorite yoga teachers. Marge’s level of creativity and her passion for all things movement is why I take great delight in learning from her daily. Marge sprinkles magic wherever she goes!"

- cyn n

"Marge is amazing!! You haven't loved yoga until you've taken a class with Marge. She knows how to bring out the best in her students by encouraging each to stretch to new levels. She'll be sure you work hard and have an absolute blast in her class."

- bridget w

"Marge is a unique and brilliant teacher. When she speaks, it's as if you were listening to poetry while you relax into her creatively designed sequences. You leave feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on the world again. I'm so happy to have this woman in my life!"

- shelley s

"Marge is a magical teacher! Her classes allow me to feel empowered, silly, strong, and like I just got a massage. She helps me connect to myself and to my practice. Her sequences flow together like a dance. Any day I get to go to her class is a good day!"

- jacqueline a

"Dance and exercise have been longtime affections of mine and to be able to share this passion with others is what makes creative movement a miracle. Over the years and through a myriad of principles and styles of learning, I have found a home in Yoga. I met Marge in her Vinyasa/Flow class, and she continually inspires me to explore the strength and endurance that yoga can offer. Marge is an incredibly gifted yogi/athlete/artist and instructor because she effortlessly intertwines verbal and demonstrative languages; paired with a very well curated playlist, to allow ANYONE to achieve their desired shape. Not only does she give you the space to confidently explore a variety of body formations, she educates you on how certain shapes and sequences play a role with our mental state and then adds her personal touch with relevant anecdotes. She gives so much of herself to her students and this genuine care for the wellbeing of people feels authentic and unfabricated both in and after class. I appreciate Marge so much for the love that she has for art and science, and I hope to continue to be a part of her journey as I embark on mine."

- chelsey m

"Marge is a beloved and inspirational teacher within the RVA community who I can't recommend more. She continually encourages her students to move and feel adding a unique element of freedom and expression in her classes. I feel awakened and ignited while practicing under Marge's uplifting and playful aura. Her classes not only offer yoga, but an opportunity to play, dance, twerk, stretch, invert, release, and express. She reminds us that the asana has no "perfect" form, but instead is simply a means for us to connect with ourselves, our bodies, and our spirits all within the present moment. Marge's outlook on life and yoga is something everyone can benefit from, forcing us to break out of the perfectionistic and rigid confines of our daily lives and to simply be and move without reservation."

- liz b

"Yoga with Marge is the best you'll find! If you're looking for a teacher who knows what she's talking about, is passionate, and loves what she does - look no further! Her classes have been my absolute favorite and always my most successful. She's always there to answer questions and help me get to the next level physically. She adores her students and it shows. I LOVE HER!"

- molly a

"By far the best yoga classes I've attended are with Marge. She's always willing to push boundaries and try something new and creative, even within a structured sequence, meaning every class is different but familiar. Her positivity and love radiate through every word and I felt accepted for exactly who I was in that moment from the first time I walked into her class. She makes you laugh, think, and challenge yourself, and her hands are the work of gods - there is nothing I love more than a Marge hands-on assist."

- morgan m

“I’ve done yoga for over 10 years, but stopped for awhile. Then, I started going to Marge’s class while I was training for a half marathon. It was everything I needed- a safe space after a long day of social working, challenging when I needed, but always her presence is fun, bright and a true joy. Taking with her is a guarantee for a better day.”

- alexa z

"Marge truly lights up a yoga room. She has a beautiful gift for supporting, challenging, and inspiring every student who has the pleasure of practicing with her. I began my yoga practice under Marge's teaching and always felt she guided me in and out of each pose in a way that allowed my body to know exactly what it should be feeling. She teaches a class that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone from beginners through to advanced practice yogis. She is truly a wonderful human."

- ashley g

"Marge is a breath of fresh air; her energy while teaching is inspiring, confident, and makes you feel like you can do anything. I started taking hot yoga classes from her 3 years ago and fell in love with yoga truly because of her! She is supportive and kind and makes a tough workout fun and engaging - I can't recommend her enough! She's the best... thank you, Marge, for helping me discover one of my very favorite things! You're a true blessing to all you come into contact with!"

- meghan d

"I've been doing yoga for 10 years and I can honestly say that I've never been more inspired by a teacher than I have by Marge. She is such a light and the energy she brings to a class is like no other! Marge's passion and creativity is incredibly encouraging to my practice; her classes are never dull and I can't help but push myself to places I never thought possible. Marge, thank you for being the teacher, mentor, human, and most dearly, the friend that you are!"

- jacqueline s

"Marge is one of my favorite people - a beautiful, sweet, and full of life human with a heart of shimmering gold and also a well-traveled, talented, and knowledgeable yogi/acrobat. She has accomplished many certifications, performed in numerous places, has met so many people, and lives her life to the fullest. I admire Marge so much; she is an inspiration to me and brings light every time i have the pleasure of seeing her in her classes!"

- caroline s

"Marge is bright and funny, a cheerful poet with a soul full of wanderlust. She is effortlessly cool. She is basically who I want to be when I grow up. Her classes are challenging without being overwhelming and are always a perfect mix of traditional practice and, what can only be described as, "Marge Yoga". Once you take one of her classes you'll understand what that means. She always introduces fun, new poses and sequences which make the time fly and forces my mind to work in different ways. She keeps me guessing... I'm never bored.

She's simply the best."

- afton g

"As a yoga teacher myself, and moving from Brooklyn to Richmond, it was really important to me to find a connection with a yoga teacher here in rva. Marge has a way of inviting your mind, body, and spirit into a place of calm, trust, and surrender. She is honest and eager to share what she is learning and make her new knowledge accessible and playful to explore in the process. Marge allows you to access your own pace and flow in her classes while also encouraging you to reach new heights in your practice. Her genuine authenticity radiates out into every class, workshop, or retreat she leads and allows you to feel safe expressing your own unique energy into the group space. I always leave her classes feeling happy I went and like I gave myself permission to move with self compassion."

- molly b

"Marge is easily one of my favorite yoga instructors! Her energy levels and enthusiasm is super and it’s actually impossible to leave her class without a smile on your face. She makes yoga fun and understandable (even for a newbie like me) and I highly recommend taking a class with her any chance you get!!"

- dan c

"Before starting to take Marge's yoga classes, my practice was primarily home-based. This was great, but I was only challenged as much as I could challenge myself. After taking a few classes with Marge, I was hooked. Even in beginner classes, Marge always challenges her students to experiment with and try something new - whether that's a new pose or just a new way of moving. In my personal practice, I'm very good at doing what an instructor tells me to do and with Marge, I know she will always tell me to do something fun, challenging, or different -  all of which grows my practice beyond what I even thought was possible."

- sydney l

"Marge is a force of light. She walks into a room and it's instantly filled with good energy. Her knowledge of yoga and ability to teach creative sequences that make sense and feel good during the flow are like no other. Honestly, her classes are my therapy sessions. Her voice is the right amount of energizing yet soothing and her adjustments are better than any massage you've ever had."

- jane e

"set your life on fire. seek those who fan your flames."

- rumi

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