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marge educates


60-hr online program

version 3.0 coming...

JAN 12 - APR 6, 2025

hybrid on-demand

+ live Zoom sessions

videos, homework, discussions...

...OH MY!


what students are saying...

Marge mixes the perfect amount of creativity and fun with thoughtful & unique concepts and this really magical thing happens.

- meghan h

For anyone looking to refresh their practice, I highly recommend experiencing Marge and her retreats! I learned so much within a short 3 days of Movement Camp. Marge encourages her students to think outside the box, step outside their comfort zone, and have fun. 

- krisha r

Marge has the gift of teaching others how to teach. She is a creative soul and it is FASCINATING to learn from her. If you're ever considering a training, continuing education, or retreat led by Miss Marge, do not hesitate and sign yourself up!

- emely t

Whether you are new to teaching, need a refresher, or just want to add a bit of playfulness to the practice... offerings with Marge are without a doubt the route to go. She is intentional, wise, motivational, and most of all MAGICAL. I promise you won't regret a chance to learn from her.

- taylor k

I recently had the immense privilege of going through 1:1 a 50-hour intensive teacher training with Marge. As soon as the chance popped up, I pounced on it, excited for all that Marge has to offer and teach. It did not disappoint in any way! Marge thoughtfully crafted an entire manual, suited just for me and our training. If you know, Marge, you know she can’t help herself but to get a little artsy at times, and I soon found myself writing haikus and odes to specific postures. What a fun spin on the Journey Into Power training. 


Everything feels so personal when you are mentored by Marge. The learning that happened in two weekends together is still mind blowing to me, but it was also FUN. Marge is an incredible mentor who will hold you to the highest of standards while also practicing patience and relentless support. I am so grateful to have had the chance to learn from her and will continue to seize any opportunity that I have following her all over the place to keep the growth happening. Thank you Marge, I will always cherish the time we spent together and I hope we get lots more to come.

- sydney o

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