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300-hr Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa YTT

2019: Bodhi Yoga Academy Boulder, CO

I achieved my 300-hr yoga teacher training with Bodhi Yoga Academy via Bodhi Movement Boulder in summer 2019 under the incredible tutelage of Irene Pappas, Samantha Lee Vetrano, and Victoria Renfro. We took a deep dive into philosophy, history, anatomy, inclusivity, and sequencing while being grounded in the Ashtanga Primary series.

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200-hr Power Yoga YTT

2015: Dancing Mind Yoga Falls Church, VA

I completed my 200-hr power yoga teacher training in spring 2015 at Dancing Mind in Falls Church, VA - a Baptiste Yoga affiliated studio with Paula Baake and Dominique Cavich.

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150+ hr Handstands & Contortion

2021-2024: Casa Om | Puerto Morelos, Mexico 

Bethany Beach, Delaware

I have officially clocked 150+ hours (and counting!) of intensive handstands and contortion training with Irene Pappas - the teacher I keep going back to! At her intensives and immersions, her thoughtfully designed program employs timed drills, intentional deep stretching, props, technique, and strength training to achieve success. As someone who grew up flipping and tumbling, I am so happy to revisit a more acrobatic style of movement as an adult to literally deepen my range of motion.

photo by: Kasturbai Bennett @azconaphoto (IG)


100 Yin & Restorative YTT

2023: Yandara Yoga Institute | Todos Santos, Mexico

What a joy to soak up the art of stillness and restoration in the beautiful Baja California Sur desert! In November of 2023, I fully immersed myself in nature while learning from several master teachers of the Yandara Yoga Institute. We covered yin, myofascial release, and restorative yoga and my intensive experience was sprinkled with sound baths, kirtan, meditation, mantra, silence, and dharma talks... forever accompanied by the constant crashing of the pacific ocean just beyond our doorstep.


50-hr Advanced Vinyasa & Meditation

2018: Casa Om | Puerto Morelos, Mexico

I flew to Casa Om in beautiful Puerto Morelos, Mexico in Cctober of 2018 for an intensive immersion vinyasa and meditation training with Irene Pappas.

Brooke Michelle photography

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50-hr Rocket Training

2018: The Yoga Dojo | Richmond, VA

I was super stoked to take my 50-hr rocket yoga training with Steve Pyka of Asta Yoga at The Yoga Dojo in Richmond, VA in summer of 2017.


19-hr Pre/Post-Natal

2021: Humble Haven Yoga | Richmond, VA

In January 2021, I completed a 19-hr continuing education course specializing in pre and post-natal yoga through Humble Haven under Suzanne Burns. The intention of this offering was "to empower each participant with tools to support expectant persons in their journey to parenthood and beyond." I was seeking a program to raise my confidence in providing safe alternatives for expectant folks in my classes, and I completed the weekend with a heightened knowledge, appreciation, and respect for the pre and post-natal practice.


17-hr Trauma-Informed YTT

2019: Humble Haven Yoga | Richmond, VA

In November 2019 at Humble Haven Yoga, leaders Suzanne Burns, Marisa Atula, Margo Tacey, and Ashley Williams facilitated a weekend designed for yoga teachers, practitioners, and lovers to better understand the physiological effects of trauma as well as the principles of a trauma-informed approach through yoga. I completed the program with a heightened sense of compassion, sensitivity, and a personal promise to create a safe space for all my students.

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17-hr Yin YTT

2015: Dancing Mind Yoga | Falls Church, VA

I spent a dreamy weekend immersed in yin yoga and received my teaching certification led by Heather Tourkin, also with Dancing Mind in Falls Church, VA in fall 2015.


16-hr Yin YTT

2023: TAOU Yoga Studio | Richmond, VA

Under the guidance of master yin teacher Sesa O'connor, I spent a weekend refreshing my understanding of yin yoga in march 2023 at TAOU yoga studio. This 3-day training focused on the meridian subtle energetics, ethereal anatomy, and a deep-dive into appropriate massage techniques when it comes to leading a successful yin practice.


15-hr Baptiste Assisting Course

2019: Baptiste Yoga Institute | Philadelphia, PA

I headed to Philadelphia to take the Baptiste Yoga Assisting Course under Luca Richards in March of 2019 - my first direct experience with the Baptiste Institute. We focused heavily on the True North alignment principles and I had the opportunity to assist many people of different bodies, ages, levels, and backgrounds. I gained a new set of skills for guiding new teachers how to assist -  a module that i am passionate about when it comes to leading teacher trainings.


15-hr Baptiste Teacher Course

2019: Baptiste Yoga Institute | Clarendon, VA

I rolled into Down Dog Clarendon with a teacher squad from Humble Haven to complete the Baptiste Teacher Course in early May 2019, also under Luca Richards of  the Baptiste Institute. We dug deep into the entire Journey Into Power series and left with a refreshed appreciation for the power practice we all teach and love.

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10-hr MeridiYin

2024: The Yoga Dojo | Richmond, VA

Ask and you shall receive! I nudged Olivia Yohai and Lauren Nottingham, Richmond Meridian Yoga queens, for a miniature intensive in the style of "MeridiYin" yoga, and my wish was granted. In group practice, theory, and application, we learned the basics of TCM's 12 major meridian pathways, activation techniques, acupressure, myofascial release, mantra & sound purification, meditation, and various techniques for stimulating and accessing the pathways on a physical, emotional, and mindful level.


10-hr Katonah Yoga YTT

2023: TAOU Yoga Studio | Richmond, VA

I spent a weekend immersed in the practice and theory of Katonah Yoga with Josie Schweitzer learning, deconstructing, reconstructing, scaffolding, magic square-ing, and seeking the precious MIDDLE. By way of physical practice as well as insightful journaling, lectures, discussions, intricate prop usage, supportive assisting, and epic breathwork, I'm excited for this artistic framework to sprinkle its way into my teaching.


8-hr Handstand Teacher Training

2024: Irene Pappas | Virtual Training

In March 2024, i clocked 8 hours of virtual handstand teacher training, designed and led by Irene Pappas along with anatomy lead and physical therapist Dr. Robert Adams. In this 2-day intensive, we discussed designing a proper all-levels handstand class, drills + technique, anatomy, history, programming for students, and the importance of a healthy mindset.

Contemporary Circus School (2-yr)

2011-2013: FLIC Scuola di Circo | Turin, Italy

After graduating from VCU, I ran away to join the circus - literally! One of my greatest accomplishments to date is having completed the 2-year professional track at FLIC Scuola di Circo in Torino, Italy. Living in Italy, I learned Italian and continue to use it as often as i can.


During my first year at circus school, I trained in swinging trapeze, but landed back on my hands my second and final year. I committed to hand balance and dance acrobatics as my chosen specialty and received a certificate as a professional contemporary circus artist in 2013. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to travel and train, teach, perform, and work in the czech republic, spain, the netherlands, and france before returning stateside in 2014.


BFA Dance/Choreography (4-yr)

2007-2011: Virginia Commonwealth University | Richmond, VA

I achieved my bachelor of fine arts magna cum laude from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2011. I studied an in-depth creative track of modern dance with an equal emphasis on performance as well as choreography. I danced onstage every semester and was honored to present multiple works of my own, receiving an award for excellence in choreography my senior year as well as being selected to present at the American College Dance Festival Gala in 2011.

Additionally, I completed a minor concentration in Spanish and was fortunate to spend a month abroad studying in Cuernavaca, Mexico to wrap up my credits. My affinity for the Spanish language has given me many cherished friends and awesome opportunities, and instilled in me a passion to continue traveling and learning worldwide.

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