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movement (and) language.

meet marge

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hi, there! i'm so glad you're here.


my name is marge &  i am a full time E-RYT 500 / YACEP yoga instructor based in richmond, virginia. my teachings and practice come from my affinity of movement, language, and movement languages.


i've spent the last 30+ years living via some form of movement expression. my life has been punctuated by various styles of physical artistry including artistic gymnastics, classical/modern dance, competitive diving, contemporary circus, dance acrobatics, hand balancing, and yoga asana. i have found myself in the studios, on the stages, and in the streets of Chile, Trinidad, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and along the east coast of the US.

i love learning and speaking languages and am currently most enamored by spanish, italian, and french. i believe that movement and language are connected and are simply forms of authentic expression, whether it be through words or physicality.


here in richmond, virginia, i have dedicated the majority of my professional attention to both the study and teaching of yoga asana in the styles of: 

power, rocket, vinyasa, handstands, contortion, yin, restorative, & nidra.

be it with my body and my words,

i will spend my life using movement (and) language

to articulate and express myself.

let's speak movement language, together.

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