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join Suzanne Burns and myself for Humble Haven's:

Power Reset 2022


Thursday May 26 - Sunday May 29, 2022

Casa Om Potomac - Martinsburg, West Virginia

Join Suzanne Burns and Marge Allen for a 4 day, 3 night yoga retreat in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This retreat provides the opportunity for each participant to hit the reset button through offerings that combine what is innate to our well being - movement, rest, creative expression, time in nature, and community.

In addition to classes and workshops led by Suzanne and Marge, Casa Om provides 2 wholesome vegetarian meals, spacious, cozy, and modern accommodations, as well as a property with space to enjoy walking trails, cave exploration, an outdoor pool, and firepit for gathering. Located just outside of the town of Martinsburg, West Virginia, Casa Om Potomac is an easy 3 hour drive from Richmond and 90 minutes from Northern Virginia.

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Want some more details about our offerings? Let’s dive in…

Yoga Classes: Suzanne and Marge will rotate leading some of Humble Haven’s staple offerings like Hot Power, Hamstrings, Hips, and Spines, Power Down, as well as a Hatha and Yoga Nidra practice. The beautiful aspect of being on a retreat is that we have time and space to take a deeper dive into the asana, breath, and inquiry that exists within each of these classes. Plus, you can’t beat the commute…the yoga room is adjacent to the house.

Story Time: Warrior poses, side plank, splits, eagle balance… we see these postures time and time again as we make our way around the yoga mat. But have you ever paused to wonder the significance of these shapes? Did you know that many poses are named after deities, legendary characters, mythical animals, or are born from philosophical fables? Pull up a pillow in the living room with Marge as she regales you with the backstories of many familiar shapes from your yoga practice. May we all leave with a deeper connection to the meaning of these poses with our newfound insight and appreciation.

Poetry in Motion: Using the 11-part sequence of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa practice as inspiration, Marge will guide you through a joint movement / creative writing practice to articulate your connection to your yoga. Through the use of haikus, word banks, or free association writing - the goal is to put words to a feeling and pen to paper to artistically express our affinity for the practice. Everyone is warmly invited to share and snap for these musings at the “Slam Jam” afterwards!

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Retreat Schedule:


4:00p Arrivals

5:00p Yoga with Suzanne

7:30p Dinner

8:30p Bonfire



8:30a Yoga with Marge

11:00a Brunch

Free Time - swim, walk, rest

3:00p Story Time with Marge

5:00p Power Down + Yoga Nidra

7:30p Dinner



8:30a Yoga with Suzanne

11:00a Brunch

4:30p Poetry in Motion

7:30p Dinner

8:30p Slam Jam



7:00a Yoga with Suzanne

9:00a Brunch

11:00a Departures

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 14.03.17.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 09.35.10.png

Retreat Inclusions

  • Pre-yoga snacks, Brunch, & Dinner Daily

  • Accommodations

  • 8 yoga offerings with Marge + Suzanne

Room Availability + Investment

Dorm Room: $750

Double Occupancy Room: $850

Single Occupancy Room: $999

Deposit (non-refundable): $300


***if booking a double occupancy room, please email us at with your roommates name. dorm room is a max of 4 people. final balance after deposit due 60 days before departure***

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