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home body
a richmond mini-treat
hosted by Allen Ave

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Find yourself craving a mid-summer reset? Feeling somewhere outside of your body? Would you like to enjoy all the magic of a retreat without ever leaving Richmond? Seeking an intimate pop-up community for movement, meditation, nourishment, rest, and jovial discussion?

I warmly invite you to 'home body' - a summer Friday evening gathering with the purest intention of simply coming home to yourself, inspired by the sweet words of Rupi Kaur:

"i dive into the well of my body

and end up in another world

everything i need

already exists in me

there's no need

to look anywhere else"

- from Rupi Kaur's 'home body' published 2020

Together, let's work to drop from the cluttered rafters of your mind and snuggle down into the rich home of yourself by way of shared movement, stretching, nourishment, inspiration, deep rest, and community.

The Details


All are welcome - capped at 10 students max (SOLD OUT)


A summer evening mini-treat including 3 yoga classes, dinner / water / mocktails / tea provided, optional facilitated discussion on hospitality


Allen Ave's beautiful back deck - a private residence in Richmond, VA (address will be provided to registrants)


Friday July 19 | 4:00-9:00 pm with an option to stay for the "After Hours" discussion


To reconnect with your body as your home in your own city and to make new friends while doing so!


Register by applying HERE


$99 payable by Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal


Your yoga mat and any props you like to use! We will do our best to provide bolsters and blankets for our slower classes, but if you have props you enjoy, by all means, please bring them along with you.

Show up with your ready-for-movement apparel, but consider bringing a second more cozy & comfortable outfit as we wind down together.


Additionally, we invite you to contribute to our shared Inspiration Station; bring your favorite mindful creative activities, like poetry/picture books, mindful or mandala/geometric coloring books, markers, paper, watercolors, origami paper, stickers, scrapbooking/vision board stuff, crossword puzzles, sudokus, or anything else that creatively soothes the soul!

We are excited to be joined by Preston Slaughter, a fellow yogi and photographer to capture the vibes throughout the evening.


Meet Marge:

Marge (she/her) proudly bears a lifetime affinity for movement and languages, having spent most of her years calling upon the body as her chosen tool of artistic expression in addition to learning Spanish, Italian, and French. She holds a BFA in dance and choreography, a professional certificate of contemporary circus arts, and an E-RYT 500 YACEP Yoga Alliance credential. Her studies, creations, teachings, and performances have blown her all across the globe and today she finds herself navigating an international move to Dublin, Ireland. Practitioners in Marge’s hands can expect a unique blend of movement, grace, passion, humor, and awakening to one’s own innate artistry. 

She is humbled to collaborate with and be hosted by Katie Meehan, queen of hospitality and visionary owner of Allen Ave.

Meet the space:

The charming and newly designed / renovated home of Allen Ave lies nestled just off Monument Ave down the street from the former Robert E. Lee statue. Katie purchased this home with a vision of "turning a 1900's house into a 2020 home" and BOY - is it something to behold! She has a strong eye and passion for exquisite aesthetics and exceptionally gracious hospitality, which I personally am excited for us all to enjoy together. She will facilitate the optional extension of our evening "After Hours" - and lead a discussion on the pleasantries of hospitality.

Our mini-treat will be hosted mainly on their private, outdoor deck out back with plenty of lush greenery, squishy chairs, and space to spread out. A spankin' new bathroom is ours to use throughout the evening, located inside just through their magical kitchen.

Free street parking is available throughout the neighborhood; please be prepared to show up early enough to find a spot (and be sure to practice your parallel parking ahead of time)!

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Meet the content:


"Top Floor"

Our first class together will surely pack a punch! Together we will breathe, bounce, shake, strengthen, flow, move, shimmy, and stretch it all out in an invigorating yoga practice.

Nourishing Nibbles

Assuming "Top Floor" awoke your appetite, nourishing nibbles and a signature Allen Ave mocktail will be provided to lovingly refuel your body before we continue on with our evening.

Food Knolling

"Ground Floor"

Informed by TCM's meridian system, this slow and sweet yin class paired with self acupressure will surely have you in your feels. We will provide pens and little notebooks as various prompts will be sprinkled throughout class, should you feel compelled to jot down any 'yinspiration' that comes your way.

Silent Tea Time

After "Ground Floor" wraps, we welcome you to enjoy a warm and soothing mug of steamy herbal tea. Dessert will be thoughtfully provided by Corazón Cake Company - a local, gluten-free cakery. You are encouraged to practice a mindful, personal, and silent tea ritual with yourself in the shared garden space before winding all the way down into our restorative practice.

Inspiration Station | Our hope is that you feel comfortable enough to scatter about the garden, sip your tea, and either simply relish the moment as it is or enjoy a mindful creative activity on your own.

Tea Time


Our third and final practice will explore the softness of Restorative yoga paired with various readings on the body as a home, followed by a sweet guided meditation to accompany your extended savasana as the summer day folds gently to night.

"After Hours"

If you are feeling complete after Foundations, we are pleased to send you on your way home and into your cozy bed. Sweet dreams!

But know this: we warmly invite you to stay for "After Hours" - when the mocktails turn to cocktails! We will gather in cozy goodness around a summer fire while Katie (hospitality queen and aesthetic visionary of Allen Ave herself) facilitates a discussion on the art of heartfelt hospitality.


featuring photography by Farrah B. Fox

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