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Double Down: A Friday Vin/Yin Series
@ Casa O'Neill

hosted by The Happier Human Project

The rumors are true... Syd & Marge are officially joining forces to bring you a specialized 4-part Vin/Yin series like no other!

Inspired and guided by the elements of nature (Fire, Water, Air, & Earth), each practice will feature a more energetic opening vinyasa flow followed by a deeply nourishing Yin sequence to wind it all down. Each class will focus on a different element, which will inform the anatomy, dynamics, music, and meditation components of each journey.


Your two guides plan to seamlessly collaborate to lead the movement & stillness in addition to providing impactful hands-on assists throughout (always on an opt-in basis).

We are so excited to Double Down on exploring the nature of us in both movement and stillness!


The Details

WHO?     All are welcome - capped at 7 students max

WHAT?   4 unique Vin/Yin style offerings

WHERE? At Casa O'Neill - a private residence in Richmond, VA (address will be provided to registrants)

WHEN?  4 Friday afternoons in April: 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26 from 12:00 - 1:00pm

WHY?   To mindfully connect with yourself, your community, and the world around you 

HOW?  Register by applying HERE (this series is SOLD OUT)

HOW MUCH?   $150 for the full series (all 4 classes) payable by Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal


photo by Farrah B. Fox


Meet Sydney:

Sydney (she/her) is the Founder of The Happier Human Project, a small RVA business with its foundations in yoga and mindfulness. Sydney discovered yoga at her local YMCA in high school and has been hooked ever since. Guided by her personal practice and love for creative movement, Sydney landed in a class led by Marge almost a decade ago and it was magic. Having undergone numerous trainings and mentorship under Marge, Sydney is living her dream as she leads a vast array of class styles in public studios as well as private sessions from the specialized space in her own home.


Her enthusiasm is palpable, she loves people as much as she loves yoga, and she can’t wait to meet YOU! 

photo by Farrah B. Fox


Meet Marge:

Marge (she/her) proudly bears a lifetime affinity for movement and languages, having spent most of her years calling upon the body as her chosen tool of artistic expression in addition to learning Spanish, Italian, and French. She holds a BFA in dance and choreography, a professional certificate of contemporary circus arts, and an E-RYT 500 YACEP Yoga Alliance credential. Her studies, creations, teachings, and performances have blown her all across the globe and today she finds herself navigating an international move to Dublin, Ireland. Practitioners in Marge’s hands can expect a unique blend of movement, grace, passion, humor, and awakening to one’s own innate artistry. 

She is humbled to collaborate with and be hosted by a dear long-time student and mentee, Sydney O'Neill of The Happier Human Project.

photo by Farrah B. Fox

Meet the space:

Casa O'Neill is a private residence in the Westhampton neighborhood of Richmond, VA.

The Yoga Room started as a dream. The O'Neill's had a guest bedroom that was used a few times a year. They decided to undertake a minor renovation to transform it into a space where local yogis could meet for small group classes on a weekly basis… and there it sits today, a space for intimate groups to gather and enjoy sharing breath, movement, and community.

The space features an easily accessible outdoor entrance as well as a private ensuite bathroom. Blocks and pillows are provided, and participants are kindly asked to supply their own yoga mat and BYOB - bring your own blankies!

Parking is street-side and widely available in this charming and super safe neighborhood. Address will be shared directly with participants upon registration.

photo by Molly Blunier

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Meet the classes:

Camp Fire

Friday 4/5

Vin/Yin: Fire

Heat, passion, and discipline - the Fire element is present in both energetic movement and engaged stillness. Expect to explore twists and spicy holds as the flames of our Sun Salutations will sizzle down to the glowing embers of Yin.

Participants are invited to play along fashion-wise: Wear your reds, oranges, and yellows!

Friday 4/12

Vin/Yin: Water

Next up, we will embark on a journey through all things HIPS as the water element is related to our sacral chakra - housing our most creative ambitions.

You're invited to wear all your blues, blues, blues!

Trees in the Wind

Friday 4/19

Vin/Yin: Air

The air element relates directly to the heart chakra, governing the health of our lungs and the ever-beating heart. Enjoy an emphasis on pranayama (breathwork) as well as standing balances, neck/shoulder openers, and energetic / restorative backbends as the wind dies down.

Adorn yourself in whites, greys, and greens!

Friday 4/26

Vin/Yin: Earth

We will close with an extra grounded slow flow followed by deeply restorative postures to directly connect to the heartbeat of the earth, tapping into the Yin energy that supports us day in and day out.

Bring us your browns, rusts, and earth colors!

Cracked Earth
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